Our most valuable skill is our willingness to listen

Exceptional Value

Big office, big overhead. Internal bureaucracy, red tape. Large organization, long turnaround times. Remember the days when you knew your grocer by name? So do we. And we miss them...

Sometimes being small isn't such a bad thing. Think of David and Goliath if you're having difficulty relating. At Soft White 60, we don't want to become a huge, impersonal consulting firm. We like things very much the way they are - tightly knit, collaborative, agile, and focused. Controlling our growth affords us the luxury to ensure that we hire only the best people, and that in turn, allows us to work with only the best clients. Our organization is focused upon providing value-for-money services to an international audience that our people and our country can be proud of - and in doing that, we're not building an empire. We're building the foundation for economic development in emerging markets, one project at a time.