Our most valuable skill is our willingness to listen

connect with customers

In a world of information overload, too many businesses lose sight of what matters most - their customers. We'll help you re-engage with them, and we're betting that you'll like the results.

In large, vertically-integrated utilities, it's not uncommon for most employees to never have a touchpoint with an actual customer. Support group staff view clients as internal departments, oftentimes never contemplating what it is like to be an actual customer until they experience an issue with their electricity service. 

At Soft White 60, we've seen this time and time again. We know that once customers become accustomed to reliable service, the slightest interruption can send customer confidence into a tailspin. We understand the importance of keeping our customers informed - through radio, television, print media, cellular technologies, and the internet. We'll help you stay focused on the people that pay the bills, because we know that when you're customers are happy, you'll be happy too!