Our most valuable skill is our willingness to listen

engage your employees

The most important asset of any organization is its employees. We'll help you motivate them in everything that they do. When you see the results, we think you'll be amazed!

Utilities are unique among organizations in terms of their employees. Unlike most companies, utilities often hire their employees fresh out of school and retain them for decades to come. Most experienced hires in utility organizations come from other utilities themselves, so the family of staff is usually very tightly knit.  As such, it is critical for utilities to ensure that their staff remain engaged and productive.

Low turnover rates and a high degree of specialization call for a strong focus upon internal and external training. At Soft White 60, we believe in coaching, mentoring and capacity building, and building it into everything that we do. We recognize that while employees require focused training programs for professional development, they also derive measurable benefit and motivation from working in a collaborative fashion with experienced personnel in a hands-on, learning-by-doing environment. We realize that every consulting assignment represents an opportunity for us not just to do our job, but to teach others how to do it and get excited about it to boot!  At Soft White 60, nothing makes us more proud than knowing that we've left a lasting impression on each and every client, and that our impact will continue to bear fruit long after we've left the building.