Our most valuable skill is our willingness to listen

strategic plan

You can't get to where you're going until you develop a concise roadmap that clearly defines where you want to be and how you intend to get there. At Soft White 60, we've gone to great lengths to articulate our Vision, Mission, Goals, and Values so we all understand where we're headed before we even begin our journey.


To earn a reputation as the world’s most trusted partner in the provision of international energy services.


To deliver premium energy services to international clients with exceptional quality, collaboration, value, and transparency.


  1. Leave each Client and Stakeholder we work with in a better position than we found them in
  2. Develop an exceptional network of Board Advisors, Partners, Associates, and Specialists
  3. Grow Soft White 60’s client base through longstanding partnerships and referrals
  4. Be recognized for treating everyone with whom we interact with unparalleled respect, hospitality, and friendliness
  5. Build a sustainable organization for the benefit of future generations


  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Engagement
  • Open-Mindedness
  • Learning
  • Diversity